Initiate of Loviatar

Type: Initiate
Sources: Champions of Ruin
Shining South

You have been initiated into the greatest secrets of Loviatar's church.
Prerequisite: Cleric level 5th, patron deity Loviatar.
Benefit: The first time you take damage in any combat, you gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and saves against fear effects for 1 minute per cleric level.
In addition, you add the following spells to your cleric spell list:
2nd Nybor's Gentle Reminder: Target is dazed 1 round, thereafter distracted and -2 on attacks, saves, and checks.
3rd Mystic Lash: Creates energy whip that deals 1d6 electricity damage/three levels (max 4d6) and stuns for 1 round.
5th Fleshshiver: Target is stunned for 1 round, takes 1d6/level damage, and is nauseated for 1d4+2 rounds.