Harden Energy

Type: Psi-Spell
Source: Dragon #313

You can manipulate the energy of your spells and powers, transforming a portion of their elemental power into telekinetic force.
Prerequisite: Ability to manifest any one force power and cast any one spell with an energy descriptor.
Benefit: Choose any number of damage dice up to one-half the total dealt by the effect to which you are applying this feat. This amount becomes force damage (like that of a magic missile) instead of its former energy type. This portion of the damage bypasses all energy resistance but is still subject to spell resistance.
The hard energy half of the damage can affect incorporeal creatures, ignoring the standard miss chance. The remaining energy damage of the spell or power remains subject to the standard 50% miss chance with respect to an incorporeal target.
To apply Harden Energy to a spell, the caster must expend 3 power points per spell level. To apply it to a psionic power, the manifester must spend 1 spell level per power level.