Astral Fire

Type: Psi-Spell
Source: Dragon #313

You have learned to take volatile astral ectoplasm and ignite it with elemental fire to create intense, lingering fire effects.
Prerequisite: Any two powers with the fire descriptor, any two spells with the fire descriptor.
Benefit: This feat can be applied to any spell or power with the fire descriptor. Flaming ectoplasm is sticky, and it keeps burning when normal fire would sear and dissipate.
Anyone damaged by an effect enhanced by Astral Fire continues to take fire damage for a number of rounds equal to the ability modifier that applies to the spell or power used (minimum 1 round). This lingering damage equals 1 point per 5 points of fire damage that the original attack dealt (minimum 1 point unless the subject evades all fire damage from the effect or otherwise takes no damage from the initial effect).
Ectoplasmic fire is more difficult to douse than normal fire. It cannot be smothered, and water does not put it out - in fact, even submerging a burning creature in water has no effect on the fire. However, effects such as control flames function normally with respect to ectoplasmic fire. Also, since ectoplasm is stable and inert on the Astral Plane, shifting a burning target there immediately suppresses the effect. Any time that the victim spends on the Astral Plane counts against the duration of the effect, but the fire reignites immediately should the victim leave before it expires.
To apply Astral Fire to a spell, the caster must expend 3 power points per spell level. To apply it to a psionic power, the manifester must spend 1 spell level per power level.