General Prestige Class : Sensate

by Christopher Campbell, Dragon #287

The members of the Society of Sensation call themselves sensates. The belief of this faction is simple - experience equals power. Experience everything, and you can control any situation. Some members are hedonistic, seeking exotic experiences only for the pleasure, but those few sensates truly in touch with themselves know that each event, no matter how unpleasant, can be a valuable learning experience. Spellcasters gravitate toward this prestige class, as knowledge increases their power in more ways than one.


To qualify to become a Sensate, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Class Skills

The sensate's class skills are Balance, Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Disguise, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (all), Listen, Perform, Ride, Spellcraft, Spot, Swim, and Tumble.

Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the sensate prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Characters who take a level of sensate gain proficiency in light armor and all simple weapons.

Darkvision: Sensates gain darkvision with a 60-foot range, regardless of their race. This is an extraordinary ability.

Heightened Senses: At 1st level, the sensate gains a competence bonus to Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks. This bonus increases to +10 at 4th level, +15 at 7th level, and +20 at 10th level. In addition, the sensate can always choose to take 10 on an Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, or Survival check, even when circumstances would normally prevent her from doing so. This is a supernatural ability.

Dramatic Recount: At 2nd level, the sensate can recount one of her many adventures or experiences, captivating the attention of an audience as per an enthrall spell cast by a sorcerer of a level equal to the sensate's character level. This spell-like ability can be employed once per day per sensate class level and requires only a verbal component.

Sense Link: At 3rd level, the sensate can establish a link with another creature within 30 feet, gaining the benefits of a clairaudience/clairvoyance spell centered on that creature's position. Unwilling targets can make a Will saving throw (DC 13 + the sensate's Charisma modifier) to resist the link. Once the link is established, distance is not a factor (although both the sensate and subject must remain on the same plane). The duration is minute per sensate class level and can be ended at any time. Initiating this spell-like ability is a standard action. The link can be dispelled with dispel magic, and in such a case, the spell's caster level is equal to the sensate's character level.

Energy Acceptance: At 5th level, the sensate can forgo a saving throw and choose to fully experience a spell, or spell-like or supernatural effect that causes damage of an energy type (acid, cold, fire, lightning, or sonic). The sensate is then protected against that energy type as per protection from elements cast by a sorcerer of a level equal to the sensate's class level.

Sensory Overload: At 6th level or higher, the sensate can magnify a creature's perception of the damage she inflicts. The sensate must make a melee touch attack against the target. The sensate must decide to use this ability before the attack is made. If the attack misses, that use of sensory overload is wasted. With a successful melee touch attack, the target must make a Will saving throw (DC 15 + the sensate's class level + the sensate's Charisma modifier). Failure indicates that the target takes additional subdual damage the next time the sensate damages the target. This subdual damage is equal to the original damage, but at 8th and 10th level the sensate's ability to create a sensory overload improves and the additional subdual damage doubles and then triples the original damage. This supernatural ability is usable three times per day.

Shared Spell Experience: At 8th level, the sensate can cause targeted spells and spell-like effects that target her to rebound on the original caster. When she does so, the sensate is also affected by the spell. This works like spell turning as cast by a sorcerer of a level equal to the sensate's class level with the added effect that the rebounded spell is not partially turned; it affects both the sensate and the original caster normally. If the spell is of a level greater than the remaining amount of spell turning, the spell is not rebounded and affects the sensate normally. If the original caster has a spell turning spell in effect, the rebounded spell doesn't set up a resonating field; instead it drains away without affecting either the sensate or the original caster. Initiating this spell-like ability is a standard action. It can be used two times a day.

Scent: At 9th level, the sensate's sense of smell is so acute that she gains the scent special quality (as described in the Monster Manual).

Blindsight: At 10th level, the sensate's senses are so attuned to her surroundings that she gains blindsight up to a range of 30 feet.

SensateHit Die: d6
1st+0+0+0+2Darkvision, heightened senses +5
2nd+1+0+0+3Dramatic recount
3rd+2+1+1+3Sense link (1/day)
4th+3+1+1+4Heightened senses +10
5th+3+1+1+4Sense link (2/day), energy acceptance
6th+4+2+2+5Sensory overload (equal)
7th+5+2+2+5Sense link (3/day), Heightened senses +15
8th+6+2+2+6Sensory overload (double), shared spell experience
9th+6+3+3+6Sense link (4/day), scent
10th+7+3+3+7Sensory overload (triple), heightened senses +20, blindsight

Source: Dragon #287

Older Prestige class adapted to 3.5

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