Zhentarim Skymage - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

Every Zhentarim caravan is said to be watched over by a spellcaster of some skill. Many mages join the Zhentarim for the political power it offers and the access to a large library of spells. Some of these sorcerers and wizards become Zhentarim skymages, powerful spellcasters who ride strange flying beasts and serve the Zhentarim by performing acts of espionage and causing unrest on the frontiers of civilization.

A Zhentarim skymage is an arcane spellcaster who serves the Zhentarim as a spy or armed deterrent. Easily recognized by their strange and exotic flying mounts, skymages blast their foes from extreme range, can read the minds of possible enemies, and frequently spy on foes or summon monsters to harass settlements without drawing attention to the Zhentarim.

Most Zhentarim skymages are wizards, with a good number of sorcerers in the ranks. A small number of bards become skymages, despite the rigid lawful nature of the Zhentarim.

There are few rivalries among the skymages, mostly focused on the merits of different flying steeds. Owners of larger mounts brag about their size and power, while those who ride smaller creatures tout the better speed and maneuverability of their pets.

Hit Die: d4

To qualify to become a Zhentarim Skymage, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Zhentarim Skymage Details

From: Lords of Darkness

Older Prestige class adapted to 3.5

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