Techsmith - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

Faerûn resounds with the measured cadence of blacksmiths hammering out their newest creation, the clitter-clack of tinkers cobbling together the contents of a bin of junk to create something truly useful, and the fizzing pops of chemicals as alchemists labor to create some heretofore unseen form of artificial life. At the head of this orchestra of technological progress can be found the techsmiths of Gond, men and women devoted to the development of new inventions and the progression of achievement in the name of the Wonderbringer.

Though based in the Lantanese city of Illul, techsmiths can be found throughout the continent as advisors to rulers, as merchants selling fantastic wares, and as builders and operators of small golems tasked with taking care of unsightly municipal duties such as caring for large sewer systems or interring the dead. Theirs is a primarily cosmopolitan pursuit, making techsmiths far more common in cities than in pastoral regions. Most travel widely, however, both to share their own creations and to monitor the creations of folk from all corners of the known world. Because of their skill in building constructs, techsmiths are experts at demolishing them as well, and are sometimes called into service to destroy dangerous things of that type before they cause too much harm. Techsmiths tend toward extreme eccentricity, often concerning themselves with the solution of some mathematical formula far more than personal interaction with their companions. Slow to make friends with those who do not share their obsession with mechanics and explosives (in that order), it often has been said that a techsmith's only true confidante is the golemlike construct known as a gondsman, who serves as the techsmith's servant, assistant, and friend.

The techsmiths draw their ranks almost exclusively from the clergy of Gond, since the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration, where the secrets of the techsmiths are imparted to would-be members of the order, does not accept applications from followers of other deities. Clerics of other gods who bestow the Craft domain upon their followers (such as certain members of the gnomish and dwarven pantheon) occasionally convert to Gond worship in order to gain the secrets of the techsmiths. It is said that this troubles the Wonderbringer but little, as the end result promises interesting creations from headstrong inventors.

Those techsmiths who do not adventure often attempt to profit from their proprietary knowledge by creating smoke powder weapons and bombs and selling them to the highest bidder. Unscrupulous techsmiths seek out conflict that they might profit from both sides. Such individuals are a good source of explosives, firearms and new inventions, and do lucrative business selling their goods to members of the adventuring class. In larger cities with a strong Gondian presence, they may form a guild, but most work alone.

Hit Die: d6

To qualify to become a Techsmith, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

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