Suel Arcanamach - General Prestige Class

This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

The ancient Suel Empire was known for the great and terrible power wielded by its mighty archmages. Suloise sorcerers delved deep into arcane lore that other folk avoided, unearthing many dark and dangerous secrets in the process. The Suel Empire was ruled by noble families headed by mages of unsurpassed power, and the countless rivalries and vendettas between these families led to the rise of an elite school of combat training: the way of the arcanamach. Conditioned for loyalty, determination, and absolute obedience, arcanamachs were skillful warriors who studied arcane magic for the express purpose of learning how to slay powerful wizards.

In the days of the Suel Empire, the arcanamachs were guards for their archmage masters, serving the greatest Suel wizards with sword and spell. They were also assassins and spies trained to slay powerful wizards of rival families, as well as defend the wizards of their own families. In hundreds of secret duels of spell and steel, arcanamachs practiced their arts against others of their kind, learning their skills from hidden arcanamach academies.

While the Suel Empire is long dead, the tradition of the arcanamach still survives in a rare set of magical tomes: the Grimoire Arcanamacha. No academies for these warrior-wizards remain, but a skilled swordsman who studies from the Grimoire Arcanamacha - or who learns from a master who has studied the Grimoire - can unlock many secrets of stealth, alertness, mental fortitude, and combative spellcasting. While the arcanamachs formerly existed as elite guards and agents for powerful wizards, those who follow the tradition in the allegiance modern day retain no special to other arcanists. Suel arcanamach NPCs are spies and assassins, secretive individuals who excel at using stealth, spells, and swordplay to achieve their goals.

Some are dedicated mage-slayers who make a career our of destroying other spellcasters.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Suel Arcanamach, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Suel Arcanamach Details

From: Complete Arcane

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