Sublime Chord - General Prestige Class

This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

Music is not just a pleasant sound, it is also the expression of mathematical relationships fraught with significance. A member of the sublime chord prestige class sees music, even the powerful music of a skilled bard, as nothing more than a stepping-stone to true universal insight into the legendary song of creation heard at the dawn of time. Music and magic are actually one and the same, and an astute student who unravels the riddles of meter and pitch simultaneously reveals hidden secrets of great power.

All sublime chords must have some foundation in the bard's art, since bardic music is the first step in mastering the power of the First Song. However, music is only one tool for understanding the infinite; a sublime chord must also study mathematics and the precise movements of the stars and planets in which the music of the spheres is evident. In exchange for abandoning her continuing study of bardic music, a sublime chord instead masters a number of spells far more powerful than most bards can ever use. While most sublime chords receive the majority of their training as bards, a small number of sorcerers and wizards are drawn to this class, enticed by the notion of an ultimate truth linking the power of song and the power of magic.

Sublime chords are often drawn to colleges, universities, and other gatherings of learned folk. In some places, such as the Starry Lyceum in the city of Osterhaven, they gather in small circles of musical scholars. The Starry Lyceum is dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of knowledge, and its members are known for their efforts to recover lost secrets and prevent the fading of ancient songs and star-taught wisdom. Ostensibly neutral in the affairs of the world, the sublime chords of the Lyceum make their learning and lore available to all who seek it - a policy that often runs counter to those who would seek to govern or dominate other people by fostering ignorance.

Hit Die: d6

To qualify to become a Sublime Chord, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Sublime Chord Details

From: Complete Arcane

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