Spellguard of Silverymoon - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

As the bastion of civilization in the savage North, the city of Silverymoon attracts a great deal of attention from the fell creatures that inhabit the snow-shrouded forests. Evil giants, trolls, dark elves, and creatures of an even fouler bent scheme to make the Gem of the North fall. Fortunately for the Silvaeren, the city is well defended against such threats. The Spellguard, Silverymoon's elite cadre of battle-trained arcane spellcasters, protects the city against the threat of hostile magic and aids the Knights in Silver against more mundane threats.

Sorcerers and wizards are the most likely characters to become spellguards. At present, there are no bards in the Spellguard, but there is no reason why such a character might not join the organization. Multiclass characters are rare in the Spellguard, but fighters and rogues with levels in arcane spellcasting classes are sought after for their versatility in the field.

Having levels in this prestige class implies at least a nominal degree of military service in Silverymoon. Thus, the class might not be appropriate for all campaigns.

Hit Die: d4

To qualify to become a Spellguard of Silverymoon, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Spellguard of Silverymoon Details

From: Player's Guide to Faerûn

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