Runecaster - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

A skill originally developed by the dwarves and giants, the ability to create runes of power has spread beyond the hills and mountains. Those that choose to master this ability are runecasters, creating incredibly potent symbols that last for multiple uses and can be triggered without being touched. An established runecaster's goods are usually adorned with many runes, making his equipment very impressive looking and a true threat to thieves.

Most runecasters are clerics or adepts because a majority of the practitioners of this ability are dwarves and giants. Some rangers and paladins have chosen to become runecasters, particularly since the Thundering has resulted in many young dwarves leaving home to explore the wilderness. A few rare druids have chosen the path of the runecaster as well, although generally only in areas where druids are so scarce that they have to rely on runes to protect a large area. Runecasting clerics and paladins use their abilities to protect their temples and holy items, while ranger runecasters use them to guard trails, lairs of threatened animals, and natural refuges.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Runecaster, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Runecaster Details

From: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Player's Guide to Faerûn

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