Mystic Wanderer - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

Mystic wanderers are divine spellcasters who eschew normal church hierarchies and instead embrace freedom, wanderlust, and independence. They believe that to serve their deities they need to experience the world, learn about its hidden beauties and truths, and learn how their own inner selves relate to the outer world. Mystic wanderers are known for their skill in creating potions and magic gems.

Most mystic wanderers begin as clerics, although some druids and rangers pursue the life of a mystic wanderer as well. Because of the mystic wanderer's independence and disdain for authority figures, monks and paladins only become mystic wanderers if they have lapsed from their vows. Most mystic wanderers follow deities of beauty, individualism, love, hedonism, charisma, self-perfection, darkness, the moon, joy, fertility, motherhood, dance, music, disease, poison, luck, misfortune, or the seasons.

Mystic wanderer NPCs usually act alone, preferring to interact with people (including other mystic wanderers) on a person-to-person basis rather than in groups. They sometimes acquire bodyguards or friends who can act as bodyguards to balance their weaknesses in combat.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Mystic Wanderer, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Mystic Wanderer Details

From: Magic of Faerûn

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