Mourner - General Prestige Class

This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

Mourners use their musical gifts to honor the dead and ease the suffering of the living. Traveling from city to city and trained in all manner of funeral customs, mourners assist, and, when necessary, replace priests in the performance of last rites.

Mourners believe in the sanctity of burial and are sworn enemies of grave robbers and, especially, necromancers. They view non- intelligent undead as victims and use special bardic music abilities to restore their eternal slumber, but they mercilessly hunt and destroy intelligent undead.

All mourners have bardic backgrounds, with multiclass bard/clerics almost as common as single class bards.

Hit Die: d6

To qualify to become a Mourner, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Mourner Details

From: Dragon #311

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