Knight of the Iron Glacier - Frostfell Prestige Class

This Prestige class uses elements that may not be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

Many mercenary companies operate in the frostfell regions of the world, but most of them are poorly organized groups of thugs and exiled soldiers who bring no sense of duty or honor to their post. A few groups have risen above this level, though, and of those none have achieved the same magnitude of respect and ire as the Knights of the Iron Glacier.

This order was founded nearly two hundred years ago by an exiled general named Aengrist and his loyal band of knights and followers. Forced to flee their homeland after a particularly vicious coup, these knights spent several years wandering from outpost to outpost in the frostfell. They helped protect settlers against attacks by barbarians and orcs, but this activity was as much a justification for their continued purpose as anything else. As they traveled, word of their deeds grew. The knights gratefully accepted monetary rewards for their work but never demanded them.

The Knights of the Iron Glacier continue to operate in the frostfell, and have established many smaller fortresses throughout the frostfell. They have no illusions that they can bring order to the frostfell, but they do realize that they can provide pockets of shelter and law for those forced for whatever reason to flee into the harsh frozen lands. They also regularly patrol known trade routes between outposts and other civilized fortresses, riding atop war-trained megaloceroses and constantly seeking wrongs to right and people to aid. In honor of Aengrist's favored weapon, all Knights of the Iron Glacier train extensively with the bastard sword, although they are not expected to always use the weapon in combat. They must also be excellent riders, often a difficult task in frostfell environments.

Most Knights of the Iron Glacier have some training as fighters, since the requirements for entry into the order are difficult for those who don't have much martial skill. Rangers and clerics of martial deities can also qualify, but the paladins of the Iron Glacier remain the most iconic members of the group. Paladins of the Iron Glacier remain the most respected members of the order, and are often granted privileges and honors reserved only for the highest-ranking members.

A paladin can freely take levels in the Knight of the Iron Glacier prestige class and still take paladin levels at a later time if she wishes.

Hit Die: d10

To qualify to become a Knight of the Iron Glacier, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Knight of the Iron Glacier Details

From: Frostburn

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