Hunter of the Dead - General Prestige Class

This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

The hunter of the dead is the hated enemy of all undead. She spends each restless night tracking undead to their lairs and cleansing the land of their foul presence forever.

The hunter of the dead possesses many tools with which to fight against such creatures. Her skills with arms are the match of any fighter, but, to aid her in the hunt, she also possesses spells and special abilities that draw upon her connection with positive energy. Most hunters of the dead are clerics or paladins. Fighters, rangers, monks, druids, and barbarians also make excellent hunters of the dead, while rogues and bards add their subterfuge skills to create a foe that the undead never see coming. Sorcerers and wizards-especially those with a few levels as a cleric or a paladin-have many advantages when fighting undead, so they should never be discounted as potential hunters of the dead.

As NPCs, hunters of the dead are quiet loners, driven to think of little but their cause. They usually have some traumatic tale of what brought them to hate the undead, but few are willing to share it with those they meet as they wander from town to town. In places where spirits are particularly restless and the dead walk in numbers, hunters of the dead gather in secretive orders such as the House of Death to pool their strength and attack their foes together.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Hunter of the Dead, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Hunter of the Dead Details

From: Compete Warrior
Defenders of the Faith

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