Holy Liberator - General Prestige Class

This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

The holy liberator is a holy warrior, a distant cousin of the paladin, who is dedicated to overthrowing tyranny wherever it may be found. These champions of freedom and equality are strong-willed, independent-minded, and virtuous. They particularly direct their efforts against lawful evil societies (dictatorships or plutocracies), slaveholders and slave traders, and powerful, corrupt governments, but they also recognize the possibility for tyranny even in a state of anarchy (where strong individuals may impose their will on people weaker than they).

Members of all classes - with the prominent exception of monks - are often drawn to the holy liberator prestige class. Chaotic good fighters and rangers are natural holy liberators, augmenting their already significant combat abilities with the holy powers of the prestige class. Many clerics are also drawn to become holy liberators - particularly chaotic clerics of Pelor and certain clerics of Kord. Many rogues also adopt the holy liberator class, working with stealth and steel for the cause of freedom.

NPC holy liberators are usually loners, though they may organize rebellious forces in a tyrannical nation. They often have powerful celestial allies, from celestial animals to ghaele eladrins, assisting their cause, but tend to work in a loose network rather than a structured or close association. Just as holy liberators rarely accept orders from anyone, they are loath to give them, choosing to form alliances and friendships rather than manipulate minions or servants.

Hit Die: d10

To qualify to become a Holy Liberator, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Holy Liberator Details

From: Complete Divine
Sword and Fist

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