Halruaan Magehound - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

Magehounds are Halruaa's inquisitors. Conceived in the country's earliest days as a means of preventing the kind of tragedy Karsus brought upon the Netherese, magehounds are tasked with keeping renegade practitioners in check. They test the Jordaini for magical ability, track down criminal wizards, and enforce Halruaa's most important laws - those governing the use of magic. Everyone fears magehounds to some degree, for they are considered above the normal laws of the land. They answer only to the Council of Elders, and even those wizards are not immune to a magehound's wrath.

Typically, only wizards or clerics have the insight, temperament, and dedication to become a Halruaan magehound. Occasionally, sorcerers become magehounds, and they are, in some ways, considered more appropriate for the task because of their perverse (by Halruaan standards) arcane nature.

The job of Halruaan magehounds is often lonely. Arcane spellcasters shun their company, and rarely do these inquisitors gather in force unless their prey is particularly powerful or difficult to capture. More often, a magehound has associates to assist her in the hunt. These companions provide skills and abilities that compliment the magehound's own, making her task that much easier.

Hit Die: d4

To qualify to become a Halruaan Magehound, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Halruaan Magehound Details

From: Shining South

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