Green Hunter - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

Green hunters seek to serve the cause of good in whatever capacity they can. They're part ranger, druid, and fighter, specializing in thick growth environments like jungles and dense forests. Green hunters are usually druids, but some begin their adventuring careers as rangers. Druids have the close bond with nature that Thard Harr respects, and rangers are predisposed to the more violent aspects of the order, which Thard Harr also respects. However, druids are much more accomplished spellcasters than rangers, so they are sooner able to meet the requirements for joining the order. Dwarves feature prominently in the order, as Thard Harr is a god among them, but non-dwarves are welcome. Regardless of race, those wishing to join the order must pledge their loyalty to Thard Harr.

The order was started by Lilkinen Tar'rir, and he serves as its leader. He has a room of his own at the Drowning Rock, an inn just outside the walls of Fort Belurian, which he uses to interact with the public whenever he needs to. He mostly spends his time in the jungle, training new members.

While the order was founded in Chult and knows that area well, it has sent green hunters off to many parts of the world for a wide variety at purposes. One reason is to have members participate in adventures. Adventuring is a lucrative endeavor that adds substantially to the orders coffers. Player characters who take this prestige class can be members sent on a mission by Lilkinen or green hunters out in the world for the purpose of sending money back home.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Green Hunter, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Green Hunter Details

From: Dragon #294

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