Gladiator - General Prestige Class

This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

Some are mere slaves, sent into a squalid pit to fight against insurmountable odds. Others are wealthy professionals with an entourage of managers, agents, and trainers. Rich or poor, all gladiators face death whenever they step into the arena.

Gladiators are trained warriors who fight in front of spectators in arenas large and small. Usually they face other gladiators in single combat, but larger arenas sometimes offer group battles. Some even feature man vs. monster matches, pitting one or more gladiators against a beast captured from the wilderness. The spectators cheer wildly for their favorite gladiators, and many bet vast sums on a combat's outcome. No one wagers more than the gladiator herself does, for often a match ends only when the loser dies.

Most gladiators were once fighters or barbarians, but rogues and monks sometimes find their way to the arena floor (much to the chagrin of their surprised opponents). In some rare cases, arenas feature "spellcaster duels" or pit a warrior against a wizard, making sure that the spellcaster's repertoire is suitably flashy and unlikely to harm the spectators. Becoming a gladiator is a simple matter, say the veterans of the pits. "Survive your first match, and you can call yourself a gladiator. Lot of good it will do you."

NPC gladiators usually ply their trade in caravans that travel from arena to arena, although some are employed as regulars in the vast coliseums of large cities. Sometimes more famous gladiators are hired to act as bodyguards for aristocrats, and veteran gladiators assess new prospects and train would-be gladiators for their first fights in the ring.

Hit Die: d10

To qualify to become a Gladiator, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Gladiator Details

From: Sword and Fist

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