Flesheater - General Prestige Class

This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

The Jerren are halflings, although they despise that name. About two hundred years ago, the Jerren were a normal, extended nomadic tribe of halflings that inhabited a dark forest. Every spring, they were beset by goblins and bugbears from the nearby hills. These raids cost the Jerren dearly in lives and food - they threatened to wipe out the halflings entirely. The leaders of the various Jerren factions gathered one winter and made a harsh decision. They called upon all the spellcasters among the Jerren and gave them access to corrupt magic that they had hidden away and forbidden. They armed each warrior with terrible poisons and weapons designed to spread disease and plague among the goblinoids.

The next spring, the ensuing war between the Jerren and their enemies threatened to wipe out both sides. Blood stained the woods. Even with their new tactics, the Jerren would have lost, except that their previous acts seemed to have opened a door to malevolence - soon the halflings committed atrocities against their enemies that repulsed even the goblins and bugbears, and when they retreated into the hills, the Jerren followed them. Soon all that were left of the goblinoids were heads upon spikes positioned throughout the hills and grisly scenes that suggested bloody sacrifices made to evil gods like Karaan and Erythnul.

Today, the forest is haunted by terrible bands of vicious halflings who prey upon any living creature that crosses their path. They seek blood and sacrifices for the unquenchable hunger of the insatiable deities to which they have sworn allegiance. No leader can manage to control more than a small band of these chaotic and evil halflings, and those who show even the slightest hint of weakness or mercy are quickly cut down and devoured by the others. Like other halflings, the Jerren live a nomadic lifestyle. They prey upon others for their food and most of their goods. The only things that the Jerren produce themselves are vile instruments of war or torture - or the poisons for which they are now infamous.

The Jerren flesheaters are the vilest of this vile race. They delight in slaughter, pain, and blood. They are experts with poison and delight in ambushing and tearing apart living things that they then devour. To prepare to become a flesheater, a Jerren most often takes levels of rogue. Occasionally Jerren fighters and barbarians become flesheaters, and the very rare Jerren ex-monk is a likely candidate as well. Since Jerren are usually chaotic, very few ever become monks. Jerren who try to study as monks often end up abandoning their contemplative training to become flesheaters. (Note that in this case, monk unarmed attack damage and Jerren flesheater tooth and claw damage do not stack in any way - simply use the better of the two.)

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Flesheater, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Flesheater Details

From: Dragon #300

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