Faceless One - Evil/Dead Prestige Class

This Prestige class uses elements that may not be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

One could be the seller on the corner or the priest giving his sermon to the faithful, and it's possible that the queen is not who she says She is. They of observe everything with quiet patience, changing the world without anyone knowing. They are the Faceless Ones, and they are everywhere.

Among the paranoid, there are some who believe that society has been thoroughly infiltrated by doppelgangers, and that these mutable creatures dictate the tale of nations. To these individuals, joining the ranks of the doppelgangers is their inroad to power. They seek out an elusive group of cultists who call themselves the Faceless Ones, who might or might not be actual doppelgangers themselves.

If he succeeds in finding a patron to sponsor him, a potential candidate must prove his deceitfulness by murdering a person of power and passing himself off as that person. If he succeeds, then the Faceless Ones accept him into their shadowy organization.

The faceless one then begins to use his new found powers to infiltrate all strata of society. He gathers information, brokers deals and uses blackmail, deceit, and lies to gain what he wants. Occasionally, a higher-ranking member of the cult asks the member to perform some task on behalf of the organization, up to and including murder. Again, the faceless one is never sure it he is receiving orders from a true doppelganger or not. Part of this pact includes the slow loss of any former identity, as the faceless one must constantly change his appearance to maintain his powers.

Faceless ones show no discrimination on whom they focus their covert activities - dangerous, chaotic thieves' guilds are just as likely to be targeted as law-abiding temples of good. Because of the threat that they pose to security, the cult of the Faceless Ones is ruthlessly hunted down by almost every organization that knows of them.

Bards and rogues have the most potential to join the cult of the Faceless Ones, drawn to the ability to glide in and out of society with little hindrance. Sorcerers and wizards are just as likely to become members, as any potential candidate must have some experience with arcane magic. Druids and clerics of Olidammara occasionally become faceless ones.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Faceless One, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Faceless One Details

From: Dragon #300

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