Durthan - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

Durthans are an order of evil spellcasters who tap into the darker spirits of Rashemen. They use their powers to punish their enemies and those who have offended the spirits. The durthans seek to wrest control of their homeland from the Witches of Rashemen and rule it with an iron hand, torturing secrets out of their enemies and using that knowledge to expand Rashemen's power. Like those of the hathrans, durthans' abilities are greater than other spellcasters of their level while they are within the borders of Rashemen.

All durthans are skilled in some form of arcane magic. Some come from the ranks of the hathrans, but most have always worked against the Witches. Durthans are covetous of power, even among other durthans, and share spells with others only if the recipient is useful to the greater cause. Like hathrans, durthans usually wear masks, if only to fool others into thinking they are Witches in good standing.

Durthans work together, although they protect their identities behind masks. Outside their homes, the durthans assassinate or spy upon enemies, follow Rashemi women who might be turned to their cause, and work to recover Rashemi spells and magic items. Within Rashemen, they do all the former but also plot against the hathran hierarchy, send angry spirits to punish the careless, and manipulate the secular rulers. Individual durthans work on elements of these plans or pursue their own, agendas, usually with the help of trusted minions and whatever spirits they have bound to their will.

Just as fallen paladins may "trade in" paladin levels for blackguard levels, hathrans who adopt the philosophy of the durthans may trade in hathran levels for durthan levels. Because most of these former hathrans no longer meet the requirements of the hathran prestige class (usually because of alignment reasons), this change allows the new durthan to regain most of the abilities she would otherwise lose. Clever durthans use the possibility of this conversion to help sway potential hathran recruits to their cause.

Hit Die: d4

To qualify to become a Durthan, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Durthan Details

From: Unapproachable East

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