Deathstalker of Bhaal - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

Deathstalkers are the murderous servants of Bhaal, the Lord of Murder. Reduced to a scattered cult by their god's death and fervent persecution by worshippers of Cyric, this group of priest-assassins is making a name for itself and reestablishing small temples throughout Faerûn.

These zealous killers are dedicated to Bhaal and exhibit all of the powers they lost in the wake of the Godswar. However, it is unclear from where their power comes. Those few aware of the cult suspect the influence of Set encroaching on the portfolio of the mad Cyric, while others believe their powers to stem from Cyric himself. Still others point to recent troubles with the Bhaalspawn and the whispered resurrection of the one, true Bhaal. Whatever the origin of their abilities, the deathstalkers are a fearsome and dangerous lot.

Deathstalkers believe that every murder committed in his name strengthens Bhaal, bringing closer his unholy rebirth. As a result, they view murder as both a pastime and a duty. They are required to deal death once in every tenday in the heart of the night. If imprisonment or other constraining circumstances make this impossible, deathstalkers have to murder twice for each murder missed. In accordance with the Lord of Murder's teachings, deathstalkers strive to ensure that before they die, murder victims know who is killing them and that their death is in the name of Bhaal, intoning, Bhaal awaits thee, Bhaal embraces thee, none escape Bhaal."

Nearly all deathstalkers are clerics, although many are multiclassed as rogues and a few are multiclassed as barbarians, fighters, rangers, or other classes.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Deathstalker of Bhaal, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Deathstalker of Bhaal Details

From: Dragon #322

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