Cavelord - Underdark Prestige Class

This Prestige class uses elements that may not be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

A passion for the narrow, dim ways of the world burns in the breast of the cavelord. Born with an ache to learn about the roots of the mountains, the sunless seas, and the hidden ways filled with darkness that will never be illuminated, the cavelord roams the tunnel and cave systems of the Underdark. He takes it upon himself to protect the Realms Below, uprooting foul and disruptive things as he comes upon them.

The class calls to druids, rangers, barbarians, and others with a love for untrammeled places of the deep earth because of the knowledge and Underdark lore it offers. Characters with spellcasting or psionic abilities, however, may choose to take only a few levels of cavelord, lest they give up too much spell power.

Cavelords spend all their time in the depths, seeking yet deeper caverns and more ancient wonders hidden in darkness. Thus, they are rarely encountered except by parties plumbing the most hidden depths of the earth.

Hit Die: d10

To qualify to become a Cavelord, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Cavelord Details

From: Underdark

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