Arvoreen's Keeper - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

Arvoreen's keepers, also known as Keepers of the Vigilant Guardian, are halflings of that rare breed that crave action. They are the defenders of their communities. They believe in an active defense, much like their patron god, Arvoreen the Defender, who promises them a glorious afterlife at his side. Consequently, keepers aggressively prepare for incursions into halfling lands and are always ready to repulse hostile invaders at the first sign of trouble. They construct defensive barriers, signaling systems, beacons, and traps to protect their charges. They patrol the community and surrounding areas, driving away or killing monsters and intruders. They also keep the peace and lead village militias when invaders attack.

Arvoreen's keepers are dogged and determined to give a good account of themselves, but they are also - like most halflings - extremely practical. They follow a code of ethics, but understand that it is only a set of guidelines that cannot cover every situation. Keepers might make questionable alliances, even steal at times, if such extremes are required to defend their charges. Similarly, they might ignore a petty theft if no one was injured.

Most of Arvoreen's keepers are clerics or ranger/paladins, although almost all single-class or multiclass combinations of paladin, ranger, and cleric are known. Very few barbarians or arcane spellcasters opt to become Arvoreen's keepers. Those keepers without any divine supernatural or spellcasting abilities are commonly known as warders.

In times of war, Arvoreen's keepers are commanders of halfling soldiers, elite warriors, and scouts. In times of peace, they are sentinels and troubleshooters, often serving as local constables, sheriffs, wardens, magistrates, or marshals, being politely nosy, maintaining order, and enforcing the law. However, even when they do not hold these positions, the local sheriff and halfling clergy know they can always call on keepers for assistance. For these reasons, keepers command the fidelity and respect of halflings everywhere, who love the keepers for keeping them safe. Keepers are common in many halfling communities, notably the fallen halfling realm of Meiritin (now part of Amn), the Purple Hills of Tethyr, and the halfling nation of Luiren, as well as among many of Arvoreen's military orders, notably Arvoreen's Marchers of Tethyr. A few keepers choose to wander, becoming deputy-rangers or road sheriffs - law officers given authority by local officials to wander afar in search of those who commit crimes against halfling communities.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become an Arvoreen's Keeper, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Arvoreen's Keeper Details

From: Dragon #321

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