Arachne - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

The Demon Queen of Spiders is a cruel, capricious deity who delights in pitting her worshipers against one another. Arachnes are priestesses of Lolth who have risen to the pinnacle of drow society, worshiping Loith only for the power she grants.

Clerics or cleric/fighters are the mostly likely characters to adopt the arachne prestige class, although other class combinations, particularly those including sorcerer, ranger, and wizard, are not unknown. Arachnes are only very rarely non-drow.

Arachnes are commonly found in drow cities of the Underdark in which priestesses of Lolth reign supreme, such as Menzoberranzan or Ched Nasad. Many arachnes are matriarchs of drow noble houses or the daughters of such matron mothers. Arachnes encountered outside drow cities are often young and less powerful, seeking to make a name for themselves in hopes of establishing or seizing control of their own noble houses some day.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become an Arachne, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Arachne Details

From: Faiths & Pantheons

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