Ghostwalk Exclusive Class - Eidoloncer

The eidolon class was designed with the idea that ghost characters who want to advance their ghost powers can keep levels in eidolon, while ghost characters who want to advance their abilities in a normal class can gain levels in a normal class. The eidolon class allows most characters willing to dabble in ghost powers to do so, while still advancing their base attack bonus and providing a reasonable selection of skills. However, spellcasters are hurt the most by advancing as eidolons, and players of these characters may become frustrated by the stifled spell progression. For these characters, the optional eidoloncer class is a much better option.

An eidoloncer follows all the same rules as an eidolon: A ghost character must take levels in either eidolon or eidoloncer, a ghost who is raised from the dead has a life epiphany and may convert eidoloncer levels to levels in another class, and so on.

Adventures: Most eidoloncers enjoy being ghosts as another aspect of existence and pursue the same interests and studies they had when alive. Others become eidoloncers only temporarily, for the same reason people advance as eidolons.

Characteristics: Eidoloncers are poor fighters and have few skills. Their greatest gift is to advance their spellcasting ability, although they gain a few ghost feats as well.

Alignment: Eidoloncers may be of any alignment and have the same habits and morals as their living counterparts and other characters of their spellcasting class.

Religion: Eidoloncers follow the same religious habits as their living spellcaster counterparts.

Background: All eidoloncers originate in the same manner: A person spends enough time as a ghost and eventually gains levels in the eidoloncer class. Eidoloncers are part of the same community as eidolons and make friends in that community for the same reasons eidolons do.

Races: Because only humanoids can become ghosts under normal circumstances, almost all eidoloncers are humanoids. Eidoloncers come from of all walks of life, regardless of race, and no race is more likely to become a ghost or has a tradition of following certain paths.

Other Classes: Eidoloncers tend to fulfill the same roles as whatever spellcasting class they are advancing while ghosts.

Abilities: An eidoloncer's most important ability scores depend upon what spellcasting class the eidoloncer is practicing.

Alignment: Any.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the eidoloncer.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An eidoloncer gains no proficiency in any kind of weapons, armor, or shields.

Free Multiclassing: Taking the eidoloncer class does not incur the experience point penalties normally associated with multiclassing (although it does not negate any existing penalties the character may have incurred from multiclassing in standard classes).

Ghost Feats: At 1st level, an eidoloncer gets a bonus feat. This bonus feat must be a feat with the [Ghost] descriptor. She must still meet all prerequisites for a feat, including ability-score minimums. The eidoloncer gains another bonus ghost feat at 5th level and every five levels after that.

Spellcasting: An eidoloncer advances her spellcast-l ing ability at every level in the eidoloncer class. Thus, when a new eidoloncer level is gained, she gains new spells known and spells per day as if she had also gained a level in a spellcasting class she belonged to before gaining a level as an eidoloncer. She does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained (improved chance of controlling or rebuking undead, metamagic or item creation feats, and so on). This essentially means that she adds the level of eidoloncer to the level of some other spellcasting class the character has, then determines spells per day and caster level accordingly. For example, Lhoga the 4th-level ghost sorcerer gains a level in eidoloncer. Since her only spellcasting class is sorcerer, her eidoloncer level advances the spellcasting ability of her sorcerer class, giving her the spells known and spells per day of a 5th-level sorcerer. She does not improve her familiar's abilities or gain any other benefits she would have received if she had gained an actual level in sorcerer.

When an eidoloncer has a life epiphany, any converted eidoloncer levels must be converted into levels in the spellcasting class she was advancing in. When this occurs, the character gains all other abilities from that class that are not related to spellcasting, in addition to an exact conversion of spellcasting ability. For example, when Lhoga is raised and decides to convert her eidoloncer level into a sorcerer level, her familiar's natural armor and Intelligence increase to that of a 6th-level sorcerer's familiar, and it gains the speak with master ability, just as if it had always been the familiar of a 6th-level sorcerer. A ghost cleric/eidoloncer who converted eidoloncer levels would improve her turning ability, a ghost bard/eidoloncer would improve her bardic knowledge ability, and so on.

EidoloncerHit Die: d6
1+0+0+0+2Ghost feat, free multicasting, spellcasting
5+2+1+1+4Ghost feat, spellcasting
10+5+3+3+7Ghost feat, spellcasting
15+7/+2+5+5+9Ghost feat, spellcasting
20+10/+5+6+6+12Ghost feat

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