Mulhorandi Royal

The royal families of Mulhorand are closely related descendants of the physical incarnations of the Mulhorandi gods; for centuries they ruled Mulhorand, and even the least of them had the equivalent of the celestial template. Though their celestial nature is diminished in the wake of the Godswar, the royals of this ancient land still hold incredible power and influence. Their ways seem strange to many in Faerûn, but most of the Mulhorandi deities are good, and so are their royal mortal offspring. Raised in the pinnacle of their society, they are well schooled, careful with their words ... and sometimes a little inhuman.
Region: Mulhorand
Automatic Language: As region.
Bonus Languages: As region.
Favored Deities: Mulhorandi pantheon, Red Knight.
Regional Feats: Education, Otherworldly, Theocrat
Bonus Equipment: (A) masterwork falchion, masterwork flail, or masterwork khopesh
(B) two 2nd-level spell scrolls
(C) 300 gp.