Enlightened Student

Just as there are bardic colleges run by good and valorous folk, there are schools and universities concerned with educating students about right and wrong in addition to who did what and when. Some of these institutes of learning are wizard colleges; but many are just places where gifted students go to learn and rich people send their children to get them out of the house. Many graduates go on to become leaders in their home communities or adventurers that help bridge the gap between warring races.
Region: Calimshan, Cormyr, Evermeet, Impiltur, Mulhorand, Sembia, Silver Marches, Waterdeep.
Automatic Language: As region.
Bonus Languages: As region plus any one (including dead languages).
Favored Deities: As region, plus Oghma (non-Mulhorandi human lands only).
Regional Feats: Education, Magical Training (wizard), Thug
Bonus Equipment: (A) masterwork rapier
(B) potion of fox's cunning or potion of owl's wisdom
(C) scroll of comprehend languages, identify, and locate object.