Celestial-Attended Birth

Some people are born to do great things, and the easiest way to recognize this is if a celestial arrives to announce or witness your birth. With dozens of good-aligned deities watching over mortal affairs and thousands of births every day, a celestial visitation at childbirth can happen once per year - often enough to be remarkable to those involved, but common enough to those aware of the supernatural to not get obsessive about their attention. Followers of the celestial's deity (and in rare cases, the actual celestial) observe the children of these blessed births and try to give them proper spiritual guidance when the time is right. Sometimes these mentors go too far in their teachings and "damage" the child's potential, but in most cases the child grows up to be a special young man or woman—special enough to be an adventurer, for example—with unusual talents.
Region: Any.
Automatic Language: As region.
Bonus Languages: Any, plus celestial.
Favored Deities: Any good deities.
Regional Feats: Fearless, Luck of Heroes, Otherworldly
Bonus Equipment: (A) masterwork longsword, masterwork mace, or masterwork short sword
(B) masterwork chainmail
(C) faith token (see page 64) of any good deity.