Bardic Tutelage

Bards are highly respected in Faerûn (mainly because of the actions of the Harpers) and bardic colleges are praised not only for the musical talents of their graduates but their traditions of magic and worldly knowledge. Wealthy folk pay to have their children taught by bards, and traveling bards sometimes sponsor enterprising young students. These people are taught the history of music and lore and their roles in shaping civilized society. Graduates of good-aligned bardic colleges see themselves as guardians of the past and present, using historical models to right today's injustices.
Region: Any with a bardic college.
Automatic Language: As region.
Bonus Languages: As region, plus any one (including dead languages).
Favored Deities: Corellon Larethian, Deneir, Finder Wyvernspur, Hanali Celanil, Labelas Enoreth, Lliira, Milil, Oghma.
Regional Feats: Arcane Schooling (bard), Artist, Education
Bonus Equipment: (A) masterwork instrument, chain shirt, and 50 gp
(B) master work chainmail
(C) two scrolls of cats grace.