Random Encounters : Mind War

By Ramon Arjona

In a world full of magic, where wizards and sorcerers abound, some individuals possess a strange power unrelated to the arcane arts. These unique people delve into the recesses of their mind, tapping into the very stuff of consciousness and using it to alter reality around them. They are the practitioners of the art of psionics.

Arthes Kren - Meet the psion Arthes Kren, who wanders across the face of the world seeking the power that will rid him of his troublesome "gift."

The Mindknights - journey into the walls of the Keep of Mind, which is a ruined refuge for an ancient group of psionic monks.

Bluer Than Blue - Meet Lolo Binqi, the blue goblin. He is a cruel, manipulative ruler of his tribe who waits patiently for his opportunity to prove his superiority over all other humanoids.

The Mindscraper - Uncover the Mindscraper, which is a unique psionic artifact that could enslave the minds of thousands.

About the Author

Ramon Arjona is originally from Hawaii. He now (2002) lives in Washington State with his wife and two cats. His work has appeared in the Hawai'i Review, the Absinthe Literary Review, and Strange Horizons. He plans to become an 18th-level software developer so that he can get the bonus feats.

Random Encounters in the Realms
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